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Udaipur is more than just a city with titles like the "Venice of the East." It exudes a romantic ambiance that is best experienced rather than described. At Anandam Luxury Resort Udaipur, we invite you to immerse yourself in the magic of love and this dreamy city. From captivating sights to enchanting experiences, Udaipur has so much to offer. Come and discover it all with us.

trekking at Anandam Luxury Resort


The Aravalli hills surrounding Anandam Luxury Resort Udaipur have a rich history that goes beyond what is found in books. Home to many generations of Bhils, an indigenous community, these hills are steeped in their culture and traditions. Explore these hills with a our guide in Udaipur who will take you around his home and narrate the stories of his people as you climb higher for a magnificent view of, the largest lake of Udaipur, Udai Sagar Lake. Join us for a truly immersive trekking experience at Anandam Luxury Resort.

tribal village visit at Anandam Luxury Resort

Tribal Village Visit

Embark on a short and refreshing walk through the trails of the Aravalli hills at Anandam Luxury Resort Udaipur and you will reach an ancient Bhil settlement. The Bhil tribe has lived in these regions for centuries and were once fierce warriors. Their code of conduct, honor, and valor are truly inspiring. Relive the glory days of this tribe as you converse with them and learn about their way of life. This is a unique opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of the Bhil tribe and gain a deeper understanding of their customs and traditions. Join us for an unforgettable tribal village visit at Anandam Luxury Resort.

4 star hotels in Udaipur with a view and cycling


Experience the beauty of the Aravallis on our cycling trails that wind through the hills and valleys. With expert guides to assist you and top-quality bicycles, you can explore the scenic surroundings of the resort at your own pace.

4 star hotels in Udaipur with yoga

Yoga & Meditation

Discover a sense of inner peace and calm at Anandam Luxury Resort, Udaipur with our yoga and meditation experts. Our serene surroundings, with the Aravallis in the distance and lush greenery all around, provide the perfect atmosphere for turning inward and connecting with your inner self.